I have been a member since 1991, attending 2-3 sessions per year. Without a doubt, IAO New England has vastly improved the care I provide to my patients, made dentistry much more exciting, and has extended my career without a concern for burnout! IAO New England helped me to become a complete practitioner!
Dr. Gary Nelson, Delmar NY
"Having graduated from the USDI program in 1991, I was looking for a local group that would allow me to bring in my cases for review and discussion. New England IAO fit the bill perfectly. The case reviewing sessions at each seminar, are what keeps me coming back for the past 14 years, and what differentiates this group from all others. The New England IAO group is structured so everyone is on the same page. The mentors in the New England group foster independent thinking within a structured format, allowing one to treat all types of orthodontic cases confidently. I would highly recommend this group if you are serious about incorporating orthodontics into your practice."
Dr. Michael Ungerleider, Granby, CT
IAO New England opened my eyes to the potential of adding Orthodontics to my general practice. The support of the organization and continuing education are the strengths that make the transition into practice possible.
Dr. William Bilodeau, Nashua NH
" Being a member of the New England IAO Study Group for over 20 years has been a most rewarding and enriching experience for me. It's school provided me with an excellent basic orthodontic foundation which has expanded through its high quality advanced seminars and regular case diagnosis sessions. The IAO and orthodontics in general, has enabled me to develop new friendships with whom I am able to share ideas and information about dentistry and life in general. It's a great organization which I'm proud to be a member."
Dr. H. Michael Sefranek, Barrington, RI
"The IAO gives me a chance to learn new concepts, review existing treatment concepts and share ideas amongst my peers. It gives me a convenient location to review cases and serves as a real confidence booster when treating my orthodontic patients. Ive been involved with the IAO New England Study Group for over 30 years. Throughout that time, Ive been a student, member and instructor. The camaraderie, support, and education (both basic and advanced) have been invaluable throughout my professional career.
Dr. Gary DiSanto-Rose, Johnstown NY
It was an honor to lecture to the oldest orthodontic study club in the USA. The group was possibly the smartest and most educated I have encountered. It was a fantastic experience and I thank the IAO New England Study Club for their amazing hospitality.
Dr. Rohan Wijey, Australia