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The New England IAO invites you to join us in our next assisting class.

The assisting class is designed to make orthodontics efficient and allow the doctor to delegate many procedures to a properly trained assistant. This includes an emphasis on record taking, photography, cephalometric radiographs, changing wires, ligating, fitting bands, and all other delegable procedures. The class will meet for five Saturdays. A discount is given for multiple assistants from the same office.

Dental Auxiliary Course 2017 - 2018

Back by popular demand, our Dental Auxiliary Course will be starting soon.  Have your dental auxiliaries become as excited as you, about your work in the orthodontic field? Your dental auxiliary will be empowered by courses provided by IAO New England, and taught by Dr. Robert LaRosa.

        Class 1.       Fri, November 10, 2017   9am-5pm     held at Dr. Graham's Office Get your thinking caps ready because this class we will be learning a lot about what and why we need to take patient records. If your doctor can lend you their camera, this will make your photo taking skills easier to bring back to your office. Bring a pencil because we will be learning how to trace cephalometric X-rays . Please bring a disposable impression tray. We will learn how to use alginate and polyvinyl silicone impressions. Lastly we will learn important questions to ask both parent and patient about medical and daily habits which may impact their overall orthodontic treatment plan.

        Class 2.        Saturday, November 11, 2017    9:00 am -12:00 noon     held at the Sheraton at Bradley Airport.     This second day is the dental assisting with the doctors from the 1st year class.   We will learn what takes place once the treatment plan has been established. We will go over appliances, spacer placement, seating of bands, placement of brackets, cements and bonding materials, difference of wires, wire placement, bending of wires and ligation techniques. They will include figure eights, power chain, pig tail, Kobis, power O's and single ligation using steel ligatures. Patient education of how to use elastics, hygiene, and importance of communication pertaining to broken wires, brackets and/or bands.

        Class 3.        December 9, 2017    9am-5pm    This class will focus on emergency situations and how to treat the emergency and/or prevent the emergency from occurring in the first place. We will review bending and ligation techniques. We will discuss cases that you have come across and how it was handled and what could have taken place differently. We will go over more about phases of orthodontics. We will go over hygiene protocol for patients with poor oral hygiene and learn about products that may reverse ill affects of poor hygiene.

        Class 4.        February 10, 2018    9am-5pm      This class will focus on the detailing phase of orthodontics, removal, retention and relapse issues. Essix fabrication will be taught for retention and minor tooth movement. Two materials will be used and advantages and disadvantages of the material will be discussed. Other post-operative retention appliances will be discussed. Methods of reversing demineralization will be taught. Various whitening techniques will be reviewed. Protocol of band and bracket removal will be discussed.

        Class 5.        March 10, 2018    9am-5pm    This class will end our road of learning about orthodontics. Final record taking will be discussed. If you are able to bring your camera again this will be a valuable tool for you to become more comfortable with. Questions of troubleshooting with applying skills learned in previous classes will be reflected. Other non conventional orthodontic technology will be discussed. Straight Wire theory will be introduced.

Get Your Dental Auxiliary Excited!! Enroll Them Today!! A trained assistant can save you time and make you more productive and profitable.  Make it a team effort and enroll for the 2017-2018 IAONE Dental Auxiliary Course promptly to allow time for Dr. LaRosa to order supplies!

Registration Deadline: open enrollment

Contact Gerry Graham for details:
(O) 860-606-0066 (H) 860-651-6621 (C) 860-559-9517